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Logo System | Branding

Concept + Design

Relish is Canada’s new Food & Lifestyle Multimedia, Multi-platform HD service. Relish is all about people and for people who are reaching and aiming forward in life. The brand celebrated the core message of ‘Living Life’ with a focus on happiness as primary offering.


The logo elements portray a minimalistic assembly of shapes that look like a person. The person is a strong reminder to the audience that the relish brand is all about people. The logo has 4 colours that stand for contemporary, natural, savvy, and curious which are the 4 brand values.The icon unit also acts as an independent icon for better brand recognition. The relish person is gender-neutral making it appeal to all the orientations in our society.

Relish_Logo Process

Process: Relish is formed out of shapes that have been derived from the letter ‘R’. The shapes are an indirect representation of the letter ‘R’ making the logo a monogram. This is an unsaid visual sign and adds to the ‘wow factor’ when noticed. The monogram also helps the company make them look confident and having trust in their offerings.

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