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I am not important. Seriously.

Why should you spend 10 minutes of your precious time reading about me when you can do something else. Like, watch TikTok video where the long lost art of circus acts are being resurrected, or invest in a mystical stock of a company that makes electric unicorns or simply relax and think of all the people as gif images looping endlessly. 
But, it seems you are interested.
So, I am a graphic designer living to witness the good, bad and ugly side of being creative. My brain has been trained to absorb details that are converted into pixels that further are assembled to create wow.jpgs. I believe in research and consistency everything other than that is a conspiracy theory. I have been struck by lightning and obtained superpowers of listening and patience which makes me a 'designer that saves the day'.
I still think I'm not that exciting but my designs sure are.
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