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Social Awareness Campaign

Art Direction + Design + Copywriting

Airbnb as a brand has been disruptive in making vacation stay a unique experience. This project is geared towards creating a social campaign for airbnb which keeps in-line with their brand ethos. The campaign showcases the cause of illiteracy in war torn places which are ignored as vacation places. The visuals showcase the need of building residential schools for refugee children who are on the verge of hunger and homelessness and how education can ensure that they can be self-reliant and contribute in future.

Campaign Poster_1

The visuals reflect the story of a child drawing themselves see how they would feel taking education.

The visuals are inspired by the surfaces used by children to express their feelings in a poverty stricken place. Few of the surfaces that are used by children to draw are cardboard, old papers, cement walls etc. The insight came from a proverb "You feed them once they will be hungry, teach them how to make obtain food, you feed then for a lifetime". 

Campaign Poster_2
Campaign Poster_3
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