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Lost Poet Wines

Logo Design | Re-branding

Concept + Design

The rebrand touches upon the founder’s personality and makes a connection with his audience by making a statement that wine is an artistic beverage meant for the creative and artistic community. The rebranding makes a visual connection with the old logo by keeping it simple and minimal. The word 'O' has been use as a point of focus and also as an abstract symbol. Overall the identity tries to make the brand look creative with emphasis on the intellectual and bohemian side of the consumer.

Free Label Bottle Mockup 2019.jpg
Poet new-09.jpg

The 'O'  in the logo traces back the style of the poet and draws upon the idea that poetry is an art which is an expression embedded with multiple emotions. The ‘O’ is where everything begins and is a personafication of the poet.

Poet new-07.jpg
Poet new-08.jpg

The concept is derived from the fact that a poet is a philosopher and his words are born out of patience, observation and meditation.

Poet new-06.jpg
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