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Meet your Meat

Logo | Packaging | Outdoor Advertising

Concept + Design  + Copywriting

Butcher shops are undergoing a visual transformation since traditional shops are seen as gory and less appealing to the millennials. Meet your Meat tries to turn a traditional butcher shop into an experience which beckons you to fall in love with Meat. The name and the logo creates a visual appeal of being romantic about food. It also makes the shop a place where you meet and fall in love with Meat.


The logo is a combination of heart and a slice of Meat. The visualized logo is synonyms with the dating app logos. The approach resonates with the millennial audience creating a high recall value.
The name of the brand is a homonym which creates excitement when read and spelt. The name touches upon the main objective of making the user find and meet their true love.


The idea behind the posters and copy is inspired by day-to-day phrases used by millennials when conversing. The copy compels the viewer to associate with a common situation with an inclination towards the act of doing good. The body copy explains why buying a meat product at the shop is worth giving a try.


The posters are an illustration based with a focus on copy that employs a stop, stare and smile approach.

Poster 3.png
Poster 2.png
Poster 1.png
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